BALENCIAGA Arena crinkle leather sneakers - Women BALENCIAGA x Low-Top

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From BALENCIAGA is the introduction of the sneakers.

A casual dish decorated with lace-up white crinkle leather.

designed and decorated as detail gold D-ring and guiraudsplark located in the toe, plus a luxury.

It is perfect for your everyday comfortable sneaker.

"Ask" your order prior to always ask us in stock status.

This is the luxury brand in Spain, founded in 1918, Cristobal BALENCIAGA.

Simplicity and elegance are called perfect silhouette Spain Royal family enters the customers, such as highly rated.

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♦ material: crinkle leather
♦ specifications: toe, lace-up front silver D ring detail and guiraudsplark
♦ country of origin:Made in Spain

BALENCIAGA Arena crinkle leather sneakers - Women BALENCIAGA x Low-Top

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