16 AW Moncler Canmore down jacket - Men MONCLER x Down Jackets

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16 AW [Moncler] Canmore down jacket


MONCLER is a long-established brand of premium down was born in France. Is the finest down jacket MONCLER has been loved from the upper classes of Europe's half-century-old unchanged even now, around the world has established itself as a luxury. Other deployment including Polo shirts and Nylon jacket.

High neck in neck is exposed to intrusion shut out!
Alfresco can be activity active.

Bree (official site) or the authorized reseller purchase order later (after settlement) as item without a doubt is genuine.

However, compared to Japan quality control foreign there seems to be slightly loose. Please acknowledge in advance there is say to foreign products in General, deposits in the manufacturing process, some wear scars sold the item, on the US purchasing.

Yet, you can verify in stock ago ordering.

See also notes on the order.

[Instruction delivery information]
Shop United States (official site) or authorized dealer within 2-3 days purchase order (after the settlement completion).

Once the tender offer, the 3rd-in about 7 days arrive at the item, our partners, Oregon warehouse, do the inspection work. Conducted a final inspection work in 2-3 days after the inspection is complete, partners warehouse than delivered to Kobe at home and then will be shipped to the delivery address of your.

Partners warehouse than to Japan, 5 ~ will arrive in about 10 days.

* Estimated duration until the item arrives from your order:
10-20 days

[Shipping information]
We offer free shipping.

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100% Polyamide

16 AW Moncler Canmore down jacket - Men MONCLER x Down Jackets

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